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Membership/League Prices

The following are the current fees for Membership and Leagues for the 2018-2019 Curling Season (September 2018 - April 2019):

Membership LevelMembership Cost**League FeesBonspiel costs

Club Access/

Practice Times

Rookie $10

$100 (rookie league only)

Additional Cost Limited
Social $50 N/A N/A N/A
Silver $250* $200* Additional Cost Limited
Gold $1000* $0* Additional Cost Full

* Juniors (21 years and under) and Seniors (60 years and over) receive a 50% discount on Silver Level Membership (Gold Level Membership will be reduced by $125.00) and pay reduced fees for the Juniors and Senior Leagues, respectively.

Payment Schedule

Membership dues may now be paid in two equal installments. The first installment (50% is due by October 1 or the first day of Fall Leagues (whichever comes first) and the second installment (50%) is due by January 1 or the first day of Winter Leagues (whichever comes first). Failure to pay these membership installments on time may result in any league reservations being given to the next person on the waiting list.


The following discounts will be made available at the discretion of the Board of Directors:

Rookie Discount - This discount is available to any individual that has not before been a full-time member of the club. The rookie discount is $50.  $25.00 to be applied to the Fall season and $25.00 to be applied to the Winter season.

Referral Discount - This discount is earned by referring a friend to the curling club and having them become a full-time member of the club. There is no cap to the number of Referral Discounts that you may earn. However, you must know the referred individual before his/her participation in curling and you must have communicated the referral to the board in advance of his/her first participation in curling.

Family Discount - If multiple adults from the same household become members, the club will apply a 15% discount on the membership fee of the lesser amount. This discount cannot be combined with the Junior/Senior discount.

The discounts are applied in the same ratio that you pay your club membership dues. That is, if you pay your membership dues in the 50% installments, you will receive 50% of the discount for each payment. The referral discount will be paid by the lessor of the membership due payments of yourself and the referred member.That is, if you pay your fees upfront but the referred friend pays in the two installments, you will receive the 50% discount when they pay their first installment and 50% when they pay their second installment.


Rookie Curler playing in one league

Joe has just completed a Rookie League and is looking to play with his buddies in the Sunday Open League. He will be a Silver Member playing in one league. Joe wants to pay half at the beginning of the fall session and half at the beginning of the winter session. He will owe $275 for the fall session ($125 Silver Membership + $200 League Fee - $50 Rookie Discount). If Joe wants to continue playing during the winter session(Jan-Apr), he would owe another $275 in January.

Senior Member playing in two leagues

Barbara is 62 years old and is planning on playing in two leagues. She will get a Gold Membership, because it is cheaper than Silver if participating in multiple leagues. Barbara will owe $875 for the entire year. She can pay $437.50 in the fall and $437.50 in the winter if she would like.


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