The 2017 End of Summerspiel will be held Friday, September 22, 2017 - Sunday, September 24, 2017.


End of S

The Fort Wayne End of Summerspiel is an annual early season event to celebrate the end of summer and the start of curling season. This event features: excellent ice and an awesome bonspiel experience including:

  • 3 excellent sheets of ice, expected to be roughly 24.5 second ice with roughly 4 feet of swing
  • Up to 20 teams from all over the U.S. (and maybe Canada) - only a limited number of teams from Fort Wayne
  • A 3-game guarantee
  • All meals included 
  • Excellent viewing area
  • A full bar featuring 3 kegs of beer, bottled beer, wine and hard liquor (including shots and a broomshooter)
  • Excellent hotels nearby (one within walking distance)
  • Fun and exciting events both on and off the ice.
  • Register here or scroll down to the bottom of the screen to register for this and other events!

Hotel Information:

  • Townplace Suites by Marriott - 3949 Ice Way, Fort Wayne, IN 46808 - 260-438-1160 - Less than half a mile away from the Fort Wayne Curling Club. 
  • Hyatt Place - 111 West Washington Center Road, Fort Wayne, IN 46825 - 260-471-8522 - 3 miles away from the club 

For more information on the history of the Fort Wayne Summerspiel, read below:

From 2010-2013, the Fort Wayne Curling Club hosted one of the premier summer curling events in North America, the Fort Wayne Summerspiel.

Starting in 2014, the Fort Wayne Summerspiel has been replaced by the Fort Wayne End of Summerspiel, a smaller event to be held in our new facility.

Results of previous summerspiels are as follows:

Year Event Team Players (S-3-2-1)
2010 5 & Under



Doug Schaak

Paul Schaak

Ed Schrock

Vincent Vidrick




Robb Borland

Byron Sah

Jeannie Borland

Jill Sah

2011 5 & Under


(Mayfield, OH)

Jeremy Sobeck

Lindsay Sobeck

Andrew Kozmicki

Ashley Lowry



(Kingsville, ON)

Rick Law

Graeme Robson

Charlene Haluk-McMahon

Jeremy Caron



(Broomstones, Wayland, MA)

Stephen Dropkin

Korey Dropkin

Thomas Howell

Derek Corbett

2012 5 & Under



Craig Wickman

Ryan Green

Bryan Wilson

Adam Huffman




Michael Vosberg

Brenda Mason

Sue Gleason

Sean Loughran



(Highland, London, ON)

Scott McDonald

Chris Jay

David Easter

Jordan Moreau

2013 5 & Under Palmer

David Palmer

Penny Greely

Steve Emt

Meghan Lino



(Fort Wayne)

Craig Fischer

Pam Nelson

Bob Leckron

Kimi Moehring

  Men's Cashspiel



Matt Paul

Michael Moore

Mark Lazar

Jordan Wesler

  Women's Cashspiel



Bingyu "Betty"Wang

Yin Liu

Qingshuang Yue

Yan Zhou

2014 A Event



Michael Moore

Aubrey Shaner

Jordan Wesler

Michael Mann

  B Event



Jonathan Penney

Mark Duplisea

Chuck Newcombe

Kevin Taylor

  C Event


(Cleveland Skating Club)

Neal Simpson

Rebecca Storey

Eric Hulme

Julia DiBaggio

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